Ahhhhhhhhh, Bishop! Out of all of the smallish town’s I’ve been too, Bishop is really something special. It has almost everything you need. I say almost because you will always miss “this” or “that” no matter where you go, aka that perfect place does not exist. ‘ (enter whatever cliche you want here’) The climbing […]

The thing I love about climbing, aside from climbing, are the places that you go to in order to do that said climbing. Without further bullshit about climbing destinations, let me just say:¬†Fontainebleau. Every climber knows about Font and if you do not, it’s time to google the shit out of it, and if anyone […]

It’s been nearly a decade since I first started climbing. I fell in love with it from day one and it became more than just a hobby. It’s my life, it’s my escape, it’s my frustration and it is my first love. The longest relationship I have ever been in.We’ve had good days, we’ve had […]

It’s been months since our trip to Switzerland with a crew of 8 people. I can’t even remember half the stuff we did, but I do remember the feeling of bliss and joy while we were there. Switzerland is pretty magical. We stayed in an adorable rustico on the Stillhearts property. If you are traveling […]

Sometimes I get distracted and fall into an oblivion. The oblivion is over. There have been so many things happening and at least two trips worth talking about that I have not even mentioned. Fear no more. I’m on it. Just give me a day or two and I will tell you all about a […]

Our trip is officially over. Jeremy and I have been back to NYC slaving away at work and living the regular old boring life. Well, maybe he doesn’t feel the same as me but out of every one day I enjoy being back in the city I hate two. The truth is, life on the […]

California!!!! Finally. Bishop is a paradise. It is now my favorite place to climb. I heard a lot of “kittie litter”, “bishop sucks” comments, and I must say, those are all LIES. The Buttermilks in particular have the most breathtaking setting, beautiful climbing and great quality rock. Sure, there is some shitty rock there, but […]