Stone Fort, Rock Town, HP40

Climbing down south is amazing.

We did spend a solid week doing nothing but waiting for the rain to stop. When it finally did…we got psyched!

Fantastic sunny days arrived after all this crap weather, bringing along comfy temps for us to shred our skin (and teeth) on southern sandstone.

I found myself a tough “little” project at Stone Fort. The first move is a full on jump for shorties( or anyone who is not 5.10), and lucky for me I SUCK at jumping and I’m 5.7. Somehow all my jumping turns into me launching myself backwards, sideways…pretty much any directions BUT upwards. “Coach PJ” promised to teach me how to actually propel myself upwards.

Biggie Shorty

I’m gonna project the shit out of it

 It’s been so great climbing down here. We made new friends, had some old friends come and join us in our adventure and hopefully we will continue enjoying this gorgeous weather all the way until it’s time for us to go to Hueco.

I’m happy to be injury free this time around, and feel crazy lucky to be having this experience!

Stone Fort is rad, we went back to HP40, which was awesome, hit up RockTown( I think it’s my favourite) and also went and saw some stuff at the Hospital Boulders. We didn’t know our way around, so we didn’t actually climb there but went on to climb at HP40 instead.

A shot Jeremy took of me on Lab Rats in Rock Town

boys and girls working GreatWhite at HP40

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