Hueco Tanks 2014

I love Hueco.

This January (and a good part of February) Jeremy and I spent “bumming” around Hueco Tanks Texas.

Thanks to our amazing friends at Hacienda,  we had a super comfortable time being road “dirtbags“.

Hueco proved to be amazing, just like I remembered it three years ago. Even though we have been climbing before we got on the road, and climbed a good amount of time down south, we still got our asses handed to us by the Gods of Hueco Tanks.

Our skin ached. There was a lot of failure. IT WAS WORTH IT.

Climbing was excellent and we did enjoy ourselves fully, but unfortunately, for most of our Hueco stay it was way too hot. The last week we were there, temperatures went up to 86’F, which is way too hot for climbing, even in the desert during winter.

No matter. Thanks to the migration of climbers to Red Rocks, we mostly had Hueco Tanks to ourselves. The usual pain in the ass access to the park, with permits, waiting times, tours and all that jazz, was a breeze.

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