Bishop, CA ’14

California!!!! Finally. Bishop is a paradise. It is now my favorite place to climb. I heard a lot of “kittie litter”, “bishop sucks” comments, and I must say, those are all LIES.

The Buttermilks in particular have the most breathtaking setting, beautiful climbing and great quality rock. Sure, there is some shitty rock there, but there is shitty rock in all of the climbing areas.That’s just how it goes. Haters gonna hate, but they just need to grow some skin and stay a little longer to appreciate this magical place. It is by far the best place to wake up in, surrounded by desert and snowy peaks of The Sierra’s in the distance. Love.

It has been very hot out here, but it has been way too hot everywhere we ‘ve gone, so we are just dealing with it: climbing in 40 mph wind, climbing in the evenings, climbing in heat and enjoying ourselves in this beautiful place.

Lucky for Jeremy and I, we ran into a few friends, and had company to climb with our entire time in Bishop. Climbing buddies!<3

We have been fortunate to avoid shit weather for most of our trip, well, shit weather that messes with our stuff, but it snuck up on us while we were out at the boulders. One “beautiful” and crazy windy day, we did our best to climb with gusts that blew our pads far-far away and filled our mouths with sand…we did send though…perfect temps..

HOWEVER,we came back to camp with all of our gear GONE. Stolen? Nope. Mister Wind flung our camp stove 30 feet into the air and off the table…bye bye stove, you were great to us. Just kidding, it wasn’t that dramatic, it broke it, but we fixed it. Seth, Chelsea, Jeremy and I spent the next day looking for our remaining belongings that were scattered all over the PIT. We were told that while we were out climbing, our shit was flying everywhere and people were chasing their tents all over the campground. Fun times. We recovered most of our belongings, with minor loses and casualties. Goodbye folding chair that I found in the trash. You were awesome and I will miss you.RIP.

I totally forgot!!!!!! In addition to fixing our stove, we also fixed our TripMobile. Our little big car broke down a few miles into Death Valley on our way to Bishop. We had just enough power to make it out and into the creepiest most awesome Hotel ever. Amargosa Opera House and Hotel was the only place in Death Valley Junction, so we checked in. It was full of ballet costumes, haunting murals, and it smelled of history and earth. Check out the link, and if somehow you end up in that part of the world, take the tour of the Opera House, it’s as creepy as it is marvelous.  Worth the stop!

Back to the car, our alternator busted, and we required TWO tows. First to the near by town of Pahrump, and then Vegas. Mechanics in Pahrump were great but they did not possess the tools that VW requires for the fixings. Vegas was an asshole, and at the dealership (total rip off) they quoted us something like $1700 in repairs, which sounded INSANE. The next day, that very same dealership gave us a $1200 quote, and when all was said and done we paid a price that was even more different, about $1060. WTF VW Dealership.

After the car repair nightmare was over and we were a little bit poorer, we finally made it to Bishop without any more unexpected stops. Unexpected stops came a little bit later, after we discovered a hitchhiker under our hood that was possibly messing with the wires and also building a nest. Let’s call him Nightmare Jack. The little mouse made a little home out of our little home. Unfortunately for him, we weren’t willing to share the space and Mister Mouse had to vacate. The process took 2 days, Peanut Butter did not work, but a little bedding and Nutella did the job. We were hunting for one mouse, but we got two. It was a romantic mouse suicide. Mister mouse met his doom by a mouse trap, and when his Misses saw it, she died of a broken heart (neck). It was tragic and beautiful. A moment of silence please.

P.S. Thank you Shelma for the Hot Springs beta, it was clutch

Time for the next adventure.

I ❤ Bishop





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