Our Adventure Has Come To An End…For Now!

Our trip is officially over.

Jeremy and I have been back to NYC slaving away at work and living the regular old boring life. Well, maybe he doesn’t feel the same as me but out of every one day I enjoy being back in the city I hate two. The truth is, life on the road is way more fun, climbing every day on real rock is definitely way more fun and having a partner who enjoys the same is a blessing.

We are back for a time, planning our next adventure, waiting for the right time……..sigh

We spent the last month in Leavenworth, Washington. The state welcomed us with some minor car troubles, a couple of mice under our hood, gnar rock climbing and breathtaking views.

Honestly, very little to complain about. We spent our time exploring, hanging out with friends, such as Andy Klier and his murderous dog Boulder, old friends who Chelsea and Sethie Poo, Jeremy’s brother and his lovely girlfriend Ellen, GARRET AND LUKE…..and of course climbing, eating and having a great time. I miss Leavenworth, I miss outdoor toilets, fires, smores, achy body parts and CLIMBING on amazing rock.

On the way back to NY we had a plan to stop and see my friend Adah in Utah, as well as make s stop in Yellowstone National park, both plans failed when our beloved car decided to slowly start dying on us. Our car’s transmission started to slowly fail and so did our plans. Long story short, after some attempts to fix the issue, the cheapest and most safe way was to try to make it back to NY in a U-Haul.

U-Haul sucks in case you were wondering. The whole system seems to be very disorganized and unpredictable, so if you ever planning on renting one of those bad boys, do me a favor and plan in advance, like weeks in advance, and even that might not guarantee your vehicle, so also have a back up plan. Just a heads up.

Over all, we made it to NY all right, after stopping back in PA to see the family and to say good-bye to our beautiful home for the last 7 months.

Living out of the car has been the best experience on the planet, we’ve checked out other people’s set ups, of course, but our home was just that, a perfect little home that had all that we needed and sometimes even some extra stuff we did not. Best home on wheels ever.

Anyway, we are back, let’s hang, grab a beer and talk about it.

over and out

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