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Bishop, CA ’17

Ahhhhhhhhh, Bishop! Out of all of the smallish town’s I’ve been too, Bishop is really something special. It has almost everything you need. I say almost because you will always miss “this” or “that” no matter where you go, aka that perfect place does not exist. ‘ (enter whatever cliche you want here’) The climbing […]

Falling for climbing

It’s been nearly a decade since I first started climbing. I fell in love with it from day one and it became more than just a hobby. It’s my life, it’s my escape, it’s my frustration and it is my first love. The longest relationship I have ever been in.We’ve had good days, we’ve had […]

Bishop, CA ’14

California!!!! Finally. Bishop is a paradise. It is now my favorite place to climb. I heard a lot of “kittie litter”, “bishop sucks” comments, and I must say, those are all LIES. The Buttermilks in particular have the most breathtaking setting, beautiful climbing and great quality rock. Sure, there is some shitty rock there, but […]

Hueco Tanks.Keeping it Sexy

Hueco is amazing. Hueco is even more amazing when a whole bunch of rad ladies get together and go out climbing. Shred. We went out to shred. When we weren’t shredding, we murder killed holds. In between burns we made a whole bunch of inappropriate remarks about things and had pillow fights with our cloths […]

Rain, Rain! Go Away!

Since we got back from the three day Thanksgiving eating and board game binge, we got 2 days of climbing in NC, Rumbling Bald, and one whooping day at Stone Fort, TN. It’s been raining none stop. We are super lucky to have amazing, hospitable,rad friends, who have put us up, and have put up […]

Road Trip in Pictures

ROAD TRIP 2013/14

It is finally settled. We’ve quit our jobs, we’ve moved out our apartments(sort of) and we have our car ready(sort of) The departure date was set on November 1st. but due to some vehicular difficulties we had to sit around and do nothing(wait) for over a week. After dealing with mold and insurance companies, which […]