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Bishop, CA ’17

Ahhhhhhhhh, Bishop! Out of all of the smallish town’s I’ve been too, Bishop is really something special. It has almost everything you need. I say almost because you will always miss “this” or “that” no matter where you go, aka that perfect place does not exist. ‘ (enter whatever cliche you want here’) The climbing […]

Falling for climbing

It’s been nearly a decade since I first started climbing. I fell in love with it from day one and it became more than just a hobby. It’s my life, it’s my escape, it’s my frustration and it is my first love. The longest relationship I have ever been in.We’ve had good days, we’ve had […]

Hueco Tanks.Keeping it Sexy

Hueco is amazing. Hueco is even more amazing when a whole bunch of rad ladies get together and go out climbing. Shred. We went out to shred. When we weren’t shredding, we murder killed holds. In between burns we made a whole bunch of inappropriate remarks about things and had pillow fights with our cloths […]